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“It was like a dream becoming real out of the mist, I thought.”
— Phyllis Joiner
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The year is 1933, and a headstrong teen is on the verge of uncovering the biggest secret of her family’s past — what happened to a long-lost inheritance worth millions.  But now, the pressure is on — for the most notorious crime syndicate in Chicago is onto it too — and her family is in their sights.  To unravel the mystery, it will take the help of  a love-struck Texan transplant, a mysterious guardian by the name of the Phantom, and an unlikely friendship with a Hyde Park lawyer who is none other than the nephew of her nemesis himself.

Meet the Author

Proffesh!! (Improved)

Abena Sankofa was born into a family with a love of books. …


Growing up, most Saturday afternoons she, along with her mother, father and elder sister could often be found exiting the local library with a crate-full of books so heavy her father had to carry it.

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