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What would You Write, If You Had Half a Chance

“Abena Sankofa was born into a family with a love of books. 

            Growing up, most Saturday afternoons she, along with her mother, father and elder sister could often be found exiting the local library with a crate-full of books so heavy her father had to carry it.

            Since then, her passions have moved on to vintage black-and-white detective shows, and British costume dramas – and dreams of writing some herself one day!

            In writing Up North, she developed a keen interest in researching the Reconstruction and Jazz Era, including the Great Migration. The resulting novel placed among the quarterfinalists of Coverfly’s 2019 Cinematic Book Competition, and later went on to claim Chanticleer Book Reviews’ 5-star rating and review.

            Along with adding to her ever-growing Jazz-Era playlist, as an aspiring Retro Fashionista, she is currently plotting how to fill her closet with 1930s-era hats and dresses.

            Abena Sankofa currently lives in North Carolina with her parents, older sister, and a large, handed-down compendium of Jamaican recipes.